New generation transportation networks are at the core of smart cities and networks. The transportation sector (including the movement of goods and people) is at the cutting edge of innovations related to the Internet of Things, creating a growth in data storage needs (cloud computing).
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ICTs increase the efficiency of financial instruments in real time, contributing to greater data security and improved customer experience. In 2016, between 50 and 80% of financial institutions have identified an interest in substantially increasing technology spending, determining as priorities, the improvement of computer security systems, the development of analytic capacities and the enhancement of mobile banking services.
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In the manufacturing sector, ICTs facilitate productivity growth, improve quality control and security processes, and reduce costs.In 2015, $6.5B was invested in ICT by the manufacturing sector in Canada, generating an annual growth of 2%.. The manufacturing sector is currently the largest user of the Internet of Things.
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ICTs drive retail sales, reducing the marketing cycle and improving the customer experience. In 2015, $5.5B was invested in ICT by the retail and distribution sector in Canada. We anticipate that the adoption of the Internet of Things will double by 2018.
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ICTs improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, while reducing operational and administrative costs. By 2020, the global health sector will have invested $117B in the Internet of Things, $9.5B in cloud computing and $21B in big data and analytics.
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April 26 2016

K2 Geospatial announces the RAC’s New Canadian Rail Portal creation

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March 24 2016

K2 Geospatial and Cayenta enter into a promising business partnership

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September 25 2015

Apply to the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston

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The ICT sector
is a pride for
the Montrealers

The ICT, is 91 000
jobs, 8% of the
total workforce

is a city that
breathes digital

generate a GDP
of $10 G in the metropolis

MTL is 3rd
North-American rank
in ICT employment


Looking to develop overseas markets? TechnoMontréal establishes business corridors with strategic international markets for the ICT sector.

TechnoMontréal is proud to have recognized and concerned partners to develop the ICT industry of Greater Montreal.

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May 06 2016

Consult TechnoMontréal’s 2015 interactive activity report

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May 14 2015

Discover Montreal’s Living Labs

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