Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is a technology that displaces an existing market and profoundly modifies the economic landscape. The recent history of ICT is full of examples of disruptive technology: downloads replacing physical format, digital photography deposing film photography, applications like Uber and Airbnb disrupting the taxi and hospitality industries.

In Montreal, two particular initiatives contribute to the development of disruptive technologies: Notman House, an incubator for young companies that are dedicated to new technologies, the internet and mobile applications; and the International Startup Festival (Startupfest) that has brought together innovators, investors and clients from around the world since 2010.

TechnoMontréal’s Innovation Workshop is studying six disruptive technologies that will be able to contribute to making Montreal a leader on the world stage.

Cloud Computing

Online computer delivery services that allow people and businesses to use software and material managed by remote third parties.

Smart Grid

An “intelligent” electricity distribution network that uses ICTs to optimize production, distribution and consumption. Its goal is to optimize the power grid network (producers and consumers), in order to improve the energy efficiency of the whole.


The 5th generation of standards for mobile phones, allowing Broadband of several gigabytes of data per second, is essential to cloud computing, as well as to the integration and interoperability of The Internet of Things and networks.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

The association of information and communications technologies (ICT) with objects that are considered intelligent and communicative. Its goal is to provide the means for these objects to interact with the information system without human intervention.

Serious Gaming

A tool using new technologies with the specific intention of communicating a message in an engaging way. This message could be educational, informative, promotional, communicative, or for training purposes, and offers an entertaining aspect that is inspired by classic video games or uses simulation. 

Big Data Analysis

The science of collecting, organizing and analyzing enormous volumes of data, most often in real time.


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