Fields of Application

ICTs play a major role in the competitiveness of companies and the efficiency of administrations and public services (health, education and security). They have also become a critical issue for the production and diffusion of cultural assets. According to the report, “Technologies Clés 2015,” the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector has become a major segment of the economy for the principal industrialized countries of the world, with a direct contribution of 5.9% of the GDP in Europe and 7.5% in the United States.


These technologies become a necessity in the context of a society for which rapid change, the increase of knowledge and the demands of a constantly up-to-date higher education transforms them into a permanent requirement. This affects almost all areas of our society, of which the main fields of application are:


  • administration and governance 
  • education
  • training
  • health
  • economy
  • urban planning
  • transportation
  • environment

the rights of handicapped persons


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