Innovation Hubs

  • The Le Quartier de l’innovation (QI), established in Montreal’s downtown in 2013, is the result of a collaborative initiative between the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and McGill University. The QI is a veritable living lab where science and technology are visible and accessible to the public. It is intended to be a platform that is creative, dynamic and dedicated to the innovation needs of the Montreal, Quebec and Canadian players in the field.


  • The Quartier de la santé de Montréal, located in the Ville-Marie borough, is an epicentre of knowledge, research, innovation and cutting-edge care. Le Quartier de la santé is developing around the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal  (CHUM) and its Centre de recherche (CRCHUM), which is presently under construction. It is committed to becoming a major hub for health organizations and businesses interested in the advancement of life sciences.


  • Technoparc Montréal, partner of the Quartier de la santé de Montréal, is Canada’s principal multi-site research park. It encourages the emergence of infrastructures and public/private strategic partnerships within the field of science and technology in Greater Montreal. As a strategic partner of Montreal - City of Knowledge, Technoparc Montréal works with Cegeps, universities, government organizations and businesses to develop scientific infrastructures for the entire Montreal territory. In addition to the Quartier de la santé, Technoparc Montréal is also responsible for the development of the Saint-Laurent Campus, one of Canada’s largest technology parks, and the Éco-campus Hubert Reeves, an international technology portal dedicated to clean technologies and sustainable development.


  • The Biotech City in Laval, the biotechnology and life science cluster, includes a dedicated technology park that was created by a partnership between the Laval Technopole and the INRS, which is the heart of life sciences in Quebec.


  • Since 2003, the Quartier des spectacles has been a true cultural hub. An epicentre of creation, innovation, production and diffusion, it offers favourable conditions to the implantation of cultural promotion, production, creation and diffusion companies. The area inhabited by the Quartier des spectacles has always been a hot bed for culture and entertainment in Montreal: it is largely located in Montreal’s former red light district, whose history dates back to the early 1800s.


  • Space for Life unites the Biodôme, Insectarium, Botanical Garden and Planetarium. It’s a participatory movement and a commitment to biodiversity that relies on citizen participation and visitor co-creation. 


  • As a North American freight hub, Montreal now has its own logistics and transportation hub, called CargoM. Its mission is to unite all Greater Montreal logistics and freight players around common goals and concerted actions to increase the sector’s cohesion, competitiveness, growth and expansion.


TechnoMontréal is proud to have recognized and concerned partners to develop the ICT industry of Greater Montreal

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