Alithya accelerates the ramp up of its FinTech International Center of Excellence (ICE)

To help financial companies meet the challenges arising from ever increasing automation in their business processes, Alithya is adding more than 60 new experts at its FinTech ICE. Alithya puts its expertise, and over 22 years’ experience in financial business technology, to work at its center exclusively dedicated to the sector. The new FinTech professionals will join the 500 consultants already in place across Canada and France to provide a competitive edge for financial services companies looking to leverage innovation to boost their growth and productivity.
“The global financial sector is undergoing an accelerated, technology driven, change” said Alithya President and CEO Paul Raymond. “Quebec, and especially Montreal, has everything it takes to be a leader in specialized financial technology. All our financial services clients and key industry players like Finance Montréal and Techno Montréal agree that a FinTech ICE meets an ever-growing need. Our center’s international reach gives us the necessary critical mass to import work from other financial organizations around the world to Quebec, based on our competitive Quebecshore® formula.”
According to Finance Montréal Executive Director, Eric Lemieux, “Montreal’s financial industry is very active in developing financial services technology and our know-how in this fast-growing field is increasingly recognized around the world. The FinTech niche is a cornerstone of our financial industry and we welcome projects like Alithya’s that helps strengthen it.” 
“Given the ever-growing demand for FinTech experts and the aging of the population, there is a dire need for new talent in the sector,” added Techno Montréal Executive Director, Lidia Divry. “This initiative is in perfect alignment with our mission of accelerating the industry’s growth and reach in Montreal, and it will help develop specialized FinTech expertise in Quebec.”
“We want to serve our local and international clients from offices in Quebec and the rest of Canada,” said Alithya board chairman Pierre Turcotte. “We want to create jobs here, rather than bringing in experts from New York City or London or setting up in countries like India or China. Quebec’s financial expertise is growing and with the help of our partners, we are building a critical mass of internationally recognized FinTech experts. This allows us to work closely with our clients and take a collaborative approach that’s in keeping with Alithya’s values.”


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