Montreal Digital Metropolis


The future of Montreal

Montreal Digital Metropolis (MDM) is a project that aims to propel Montreal into the ranks of the major Smart Cities of the world.

MDM uses ICT to drive the Montreal economy, to facilitate Montrealers’ daily lives and to make our city one of the world leaders in the digital realm.


Since 2007, half of the world’s population lives in cities and those cities consume 75% of the planet’s energy and produce 80% of its CO2. This trend is continually growing: each week, there are one million more city residents and by 2050, over 70% of the global population will live in metropolitan areas.

This worldwide growth in globalization has a major impact on city management and transforms resident services (transportation; health; education; water, garbage and energy management; etc.). Faced with such challenges, hundreds of major cities in the world have jumped on the development of “intelligent cities.”

Intelligent Cities

Intelligent cities (or Smart Cities, smart grids, etc.) use technology to optimize resident services. Hundreds of concrete examples exist, including the following.

  • Intelligent transportation: A system implemented in Singapore can predict the speed of traffic with nearly 90% accuracy. An intelligent traffic management system in London reduced traffic volume to levels previously seen in the 1980s.
  • Energy management systems: In Dublin, an infrastructure of sensors gathers real-time data on transportation and energy.
  • Resident participation systems: Barcelona gave its residents access to 500 public datasets, generating the creation of applications and contributing directly to democratic life.
  • Broadband infrastructure: Stockholm installed a million metres of fibre optic cable enabling the development of a multitude of public services (like helplines and teleservices for individuals).

These “cities of the future” are today’s reality… and contrary to what might appear to be the case, Montreal has already begun its transformation.

Montreal Digital Metropolis

Since 2011, TechnoMontréal has been operating the Montreal Digital Metropolis (MDM) project. It aims to make Montreal a Smart City and a world leader in the digital realm.

MDM acts on two levels: the project assembles already existing independent “smart” initiatives into a concerted vision, and contributes to the sector’s vibrancy through structural meta-projects (like broadband infrastructure, the development of intelligent transportation and logistics, etc.).

By uniting all the smart initiatives of Montreal around the same vision, MDM aims to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

To learn more about the architecture of the Montreal Digital Metropolis project – its projects as well as their intended impact – download the immersive 3D application (Mac and PC):

* NB: After downloading the file, you must extract the content from its compressed folder before being able to launch the application.


TechnoMontréal is proud to have recognized and concerned partners to develop the ICT industry of Greater Montreal

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