Spinoffs of over $85M for the ICT Industry

The ICT industry constitutes one of the most important high-tech sectors in Quebec, with more than 127,000 jobs and close to 7,000 businesses, as well as operating revenues estimated at over $30B. For Greater Montreal, which represents 70% of the sector’s density, ICTs act as an economic engine with a GDP growth twice as fast as the economy as a whole. The sector also represents one in twelve jobs in the metropolitan region.
TechnoMontréal brings together the ICT industry around concerted actions that accentuate the competitiveness, growth and reach of the cluster’s companies. The public and private sectors work in harmony to realize projects that have positive benefits for the entire industry. The direct economic spinoffs measured are estimated to exceed $85M by 2017. That is in addition to the mobilizing projects that act as leverage in the ICT sector’s development, as well as for the province’s economy.
In 2013, the cluster established a business corridor with Mexico, with which 17 companies actively participate. According to their forecast, the Mexico Corridor should generate spinoffs of $40M by 2017, while two new corridors will open with the United States and the United Kingdom.
For its part, the Plan de M@tch coaching program aims to accompany 50 SMEs in their growth. Created “by businesses, for businesses,” Plan de M@tch helps directors to identify critical challenges and find paths to concrete solutions that allow those challenges to be surmounted. To date, the performances of the 20 companies registered have already surpassed the program’s objectives, with an expected growth of $46.6M and the creation of 450 jobs.
A qualified workforce being the primary resource of the knowledge economy, the Talent Working Group seeks to ensure that available training is in line with the needs of the market. To this end, the cluster spearheads career promotion projects for youth, reaching over 7,000 youth and 100 guidance counsellors since 2009. According to TECHNOCompétences, the total student population registered in ICT-related training has considerably increased by 23% between 2009 and 2012, for the university, college and professional study levels combined.
Since 2010, alongside its programs, the cluster has submitted around fifteen reports that aim to assert the value of the industry’s interests to the various levels of government, several of which were co-authored by partner organizations and associations. The principal recommendations of these reports relate to:

  • commercialization support (especially for SMEs)
  • guidance for the management of intellectual property
  • improvement of certain fiscal incentives (including the CDAE and the R&D credit)
  • support for networking between large companies, SMEs and public institutions
  • access to public markets for SMEs
  • implementation of a single access point dedicated to the ICT industry
  • prioritization of the ICT sector as a vector of productivity and growth
  • support for the Montreal Digital Metropolis (MDM) project that aims to propel the metropolis within the ranks of “smart cities”

Driven by a vision of cooperation, TechnoMontréal has also implemented the ICT Partners Roundtable, composed of a dozen associations that act as both cooperative structure and governmental representation.
At a time when governments from the four corners of the world employ unprecedented strategies to attract investments (notably in ICT), when the pressure linked to talent and growth has become accentuated and when the sector’s businesses must compete in terms of innovation, our cluster’s raison-d’être is justified more than ever. Our mobilizing role among the industry’s players allows us to act upon common goals and work with public decision-makers in order to maintain our strategic advantage and preserve our leadership position on the international scene.
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