TechnoMontréal announces the launch of a collaborative open innovation platform. This web platform allows companies and contractors from any sector to post their technological challenges, while ICT companies are invited to submit their solutions. Facilitated by an open innovation specialist, the platform welcomes all companies, ministries and organizations, with no membership fee.
This open innovation platform stems from the efforts of the cluster’s Innovation Working Group. It fits within the Montreal Digital Metropolis strategy that aims to encourage ICT development for vertical markets like transportation, healthcare, civil security and resilience, the financial sector, etc.
 “The Innovation Working Group hopes to strengthen Greater Montreal’s position as a centre of excellence by developing structural projects and supporting open innovation initiatives. Since 2009, we have been mobilizing cluster partners around the Montreal Digital Metropolis project that aims to develop a cutting-edge digital urbanism for the city through world-class ICT infrastructures and functionalities. Our new platform strengthens this position by facilitating the association between Greater Montreal’s challenges and the solutions created by our companies,” states Pierre Boucher, Co-President of TechnoMontréal’s Innovation Working Group.
Lidia Divry, Executive Director of the cluster adds, “Since 2014, TechnoMontréal has organized workshops around themes related to the intelligent city. These workshops focus on the major vertical ICT markets, which are transportation, resilience, healthcare, etc. This open innovation platform will accelerate the resolution of the challenges identified during these workshops, and increase networking between the ICT industry and other activity sectors, thus concretely contributing to the economic development of Greater Montreal.”
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