Plan de Match

Plan de Match is the most complete personalized growth program aimed exclusively at businesses within the information and communications technologies industry.

The program combines a high-level analysis with an action plan and coaching by experts in ICT business strategies, who are renowned for their professional accomplishments. It allows every participating executive to fully embody their leadership, identifying both the challenges that are critical to the growth of their company and the strategies they can adopt in order to reach new stages of development.

A Growth Program

  • 100% confidential
  • Easy to integrate into the already busy schedules of business executives
  • Offers an excellent return on investment, at a very affordable cost


A Turnkey Program for Business Executives

  • Analysis of the company’s strategic plan, most recent financial statements, promotional documents and website
  • Interviews with the coach and a high-level SWOT analysis that allows a customized game plan to be created for each business
  • Banked hours with the coach that allow each milestone in the game plan to be validated

Plan de Match is aimed at technology businesses within, among others, the health, transport and retail sectors that show more than $2M in business revenues and have a product or service with a strong growth potential.

Veteran Industry Coaches

The 2016 Plan de Match coaches have more than 130 years of accumulated experience as senior executives of high-growth businesses. They will accompany you professionally to help you more quickly attain your growth objectives : 

  Aquisition strategies and suggestions

  Operations optimization

  Marketing plans

  Development of management teams and Board of Directors

  Strategic planning


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“In terms of process, Plan de M@tch will contribute to multiplying our sales funnel by five!”

Guillaume Bazinet,

Vice President, Sales and Marketing at FX Innovation

“Plan to Match connected us with advice from seasoned executives to help assess the strengths and weaknesses of our business plan. This outside perspective helped us refine our plans, improving our ability to execute. Highly recommended exercise for fast growing companies!”

Ian Rae,

CEO CloudOps

“It is astonishing what this program, in such a short time, was able to reveal about what my associate and I have experienced in the last twelve years. It’s what I would consider very high quality expertise. Without this program, I don’t know how I would have had access to that kind of expertise.”

Stéphane Rouleau,

President and Cofounder of Innobec

The Plan de M@tch program allowed us to consolidate our strengths and better adapt our offer to the needs of the market.”

Sébastien Morin,

President and CEO of GENILAN


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